At the time of producing this guide, Spinraza® is an approved drug treatment which has shown positive results in the treatment of SMA. Some information about how it is delivered can be found in the Section, Administration of New Treatments for SMA.

Albuterol (also known as salbutamol), which is usually associated with asthma treatment, has been trialled by mouth in tablet or liquid form with some positive results in terms of muscle strength. However, it has not yet been proved whether it definitely has a beneficial effect. Despite this, it is sometimes prescribed for sitters and walkers. For further information about how this medication works, please visit the “Useful Resources” Section.

Medications may be recommended that aim to treat symptoms or effects of living with SMA. These include, among others:

It is likely that Spinraza® will become more widely available and that other potential treatments will also emerge. Talk to your medical team about latest research, clinical trials and availability of drug treatments in your country.